(Research Opportunities)

Research opportunities exist for PhD students interested in AI/ML for computational science.

Prospective PhD students should apply to one of these graduate programs:
Computer Science
Mathematical, Computational, and Systems Biology,
mentioning my name in your application. Please note that my current research approaches all require a strong mathematical background and an interest in computational science. Here are some sample recent projects area:

Project: Gene Regulation Network (GRN) inference
In collaboration with UCI biologists, we will use pioneering GRN mathematical models along with machine learning based inference methods to computationally understand the gene regulation network that determines early endoderm patterning in vertebrates. (For much more detailed background see my computational biology papers, particularly on transcriptional regulation and development.)

Project: Modeling languages for computational biology and AI
We will seek and exploit useful overlap between formally defined scientific modeling languages we have developed for computational biology, including machine-learning techniques for model reduction, and the “probabilistic programming” approach to general-purpose high-level machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI).

Other projects may also be possible; see my recent publications for current interests.